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  • Anastasia A. Barthelemy Brown, AAS, BBS, ABOC, NCLEC, LDO, NFAO, CPT
    Optometry Practice Manager

    Graduated Valedictorian of Phoenix High School in 1996, Anastasia's career in the profession of Ophthalmics began with her achieving her Bachelors Degree in Biological Science from the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Anastasia Barthelemy Brown further pursued a dual Master's Degree in Human Resource and Healthcare Management. Her goal is to continue to pursue a Doctoral Degree in Optometry along with a Master's Degree in Vision Science.  Upon attending and working in LSU Ophthalmology Residency Clinic, Anastasia Barthelemy Brown gained experience in patient care in the areas of  Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma Treatment, and performing routine eye care under the direct supervision of the Chief Staff Ophthalmologist at LSU Medical Clinic in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Anastasia opened her first Optometry practice in Georgia in 2010 and has opened her 2nd Eyecare practice headquarters in Louisiana: Barthelemy's Optical, LLC. She was nominated in 2010 as Who's Who Among Professional Women in Business and she is currently a member of The National Association of Professional Women. 

  • Mr.
    Dwight Barthelemy
    Business Partner & Business Investor (Beloved Brother)

    A graduate of William Carey College with a Bachelor's degree in General Studies and Psychology, Dwight Barthelemy was the angel business investor and avid supporter of Barthelemy's Optical, the first minority women-owned Optometry Practice in Valdosta, Georgia by supporting his sister Anastasia Barthelemy Brown with her vision of opening her first Optometry Practice in 2010: Barthelemy's Optical.  

  • Dr.
    Allyson Fisher
    Doctor of Optometrist

    Dr. Allyson Fisher is a Louisiana Board Licensed Optometrist.  Dr. Fisher currently holds a certifications and memberships with the following organizations:  National Board of Examiners in Optometry; Laser Therapy for the Anterior Segment; Surgical Procedures for the Optometric Physician; Hospital Privileges and Medical Consulting; Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

  • Dr.
    Vivian Fountain

    Dr. Vivian Fountain is a licensed Optometrist in the State of Louisiana. She is a graduate of Southern College of Optometry where she earned her OD degree.  Dr. Vivian Fountain has over 15 years of experience in the field of Optometry and Eye Care Health which includes Diabetic Retinopathy, Open and Closed Angle Glaucoma Care, Management and Treatment, Cataracts, Dry Eye Conditions, Peripheral Iridotomy, Chalazion Management, Common Complication: Lids, Lashes, Lacrimal system, Comprehensive Eye Examination, Medical Eye Examination, Gonioscopy, and Treatment and Management of Eye Diseases. 

  • Kenneth M. Brown Sr.
    General Manager

    Graduate of Brooks, County High School in 1992 and currently pursing a Bachelors in Criminal Justice, Kenneth M. Brown Sr. is the General Manager of Barthelemy's Optical Inc.  He's the spouse and supporter of Mrs. Anastasia A. Barthelemy Brown and helps lead the company business operations.

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